How to use old eyeshadow colors as a temporary hair color.

Hi beauty friends!  Want some fun colors in your hair?  Want to get rid of your old eyeshadows?  How about using your old eyeshadow colors as a temporary hair color?  Let me show you how you can achieve temporary colors in your hair in just three simple steps!  Watch my YouTube video on how to use your old eyeshadow colors as a temporary hair color and read below! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel,

Blue eyeshadow applied on my highlights.

Dig in your old makeup collection and grab the most colorful eyeshadow you have.  You'll need the colorful eyeshadow to be pretty pigmented.  You will also need a makeup sponge for the application, and a light hairspray.  My pick for the color was a blue M.A.C. eyeshadow that has been sitting inside a ziplog bag for months.  For the light hairspray I chose the Paul Mitchell Soft Spray, it's a workable non-aerosol hairspray and light (not crispy).  Any makeup sponges will do, I just buy non-latex packs from Target.

How-to use your old eyeshadow as a temporary hair color in 3 easy steps:
Step 1: Hold the hairspray 6-10 inches away from your head and spray in the areas that you would like to see the temporary color. Let your hair dry from the hairspray for a few seconds.  Tip: the color is best visible on lighter hair, such as medium to light blonde hair, so if you have highlights on darker hair that still works.
Step 2: Use your makeup sponge to dip in the eyeshadow, get a pretty good amount on the sponge.  With your sponge start applying the eyeshadow in your hair with a dabbing motion.  Repeat for a bolder look.
Step 3: Finally, spray another round of hairspray in your hair to seal in the temporary color.  Voila!  The temporary color will wash out in your next shampoo. 

Go crazy and add as many colors as you want!!! 

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