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Different ways on how to wear flower bobby pins

Hi beauty friends,

Here's how you can wear flower or fashion bobby pins in your hair in all sorts of creative different ways.  These fun fashion accessory are so easy to wear in so many different ways.  They are super affordable!  There are other shapes, such as birds or oval ornaments.  I made a how-to tutorial video on different looks with these flower bobby pins.  Below are some pictures of the different looks I created.  The flower bobby pins are locally hand made by Pretty Please, they are only $3 each.  You can find these Pretty Please accessories online at or  Friend them on Facebook at  Or you can purchase them in-store at both Moxie Hair Salon location in Minneapolis and St. Paul,  Please enjoy the how-to tutorial video below! 

Please check out my YouTube channel on more how-to videos at, and also find me on Facebook and Twitter at ww…

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