Drew Barrymore's new cosmetic line

Happy New Years beauty friends!
Exciting news!  My favorite actress Drew Barrymore has a new cosmetic line launching this month of January.  The cosmetic line is called Flower, just like her film production company.  Flower cosmetics is going to be available at 1,509 Wal-Mart stores.  I can't wait to try the products and see how they work!  If you would like to read more, click here for an article on Flowers by Drew Barrymore from the WWD Beauty site.  Drew Barrymore is a mother, wife, and a business woman who inspires me to be who I am today.  Enjoy!

Drew Barrymore with her Flower cosmetic line.  Photo c/o WWD by Donato Sardella.

Flower cosmetic line available at Wal-Mart.  Photo c/o WWD by Donato Sardella.


  1. I have been to three Walmarts last week looking for this Flower cosmetics, do you know if Minnesota Walmarts are even carrying her (Drew Barrymore) product?

    1. Hi! In the article it was written that only 1,509 stores were selected to carry her Flower cosmetics. I have researched that Wal-Mart has exactly 3,981 stores, so the possibility I am not sure. I did go on www.walmart.com and looked up Flower cosmetics. When the brand pops up on the site, there are three different tabs you can find under "all items", "in my store", or "online items". I clicked on the "in my store" tab and put in my zip code to find the nearest Wal-Mart. It will tell you if the store carries the brand or not. If the store doesn't carry it, I clicked on the next nearest store until it says "Your local store may carry additional similar items that are not listed on our site.". Now, I'm not sure if the stores will carry the same items. I would recommend for you to call the stores that show up as "may carry" the brand to make sure they have it there. Good luck! :)


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