Recycle your M.A.C. products for another free M.A.C. product.

Hi beauty friends! Did you know you can recycle your used/old/empty M.A.C. product containers to get a free lipstick, lipgloss or eyeshadow? Or maybe you just forgot about the awesome deal? Well here's how you can recycle and get something back!

Here's how:
1. You can recycle 6 or more M.A.C. product containers at a time. (I like to take in 6 at a time, so I can save 6 more for the next time!)
2. The product can be empty or used eyeshadow containers, lipstick tube, lipgloss tube, blush/powder/bronzer compact, concealer/foundation compact, skincare containers, and false lash cases!
3. Bring those 6 items to the nearest M.A.C. counter and choose your free product!
4. The free product will differ depending on where you go to recycle. If you go to a M.A.C. counter inside of a Macy's or Nordstrom department store, you only have a choice of one lipstick of your choice. Now if you go to a M.A.C. Pro store (which is a M.A.C. store on its own, not inside a beauty or department store), you will be able to choose from either one eyeshadow, a lipgloss or lipstick of your choice.

I had a lot of old and empty containers, especially from my last blog about using your old shadows as a temporary hair color. I gathered twelve of them and went to the nearest M.A.C. counter inside of a Macy's store and chose my two free lipsticks! My two lip color choice were Twigg and Crème In Your Coffee, which have natural pink tones for my lips.

Crème In Your Coffee and Twigg lipsticks. Available at any M.A.C. counter or

Me with Crème In Your Coffee lipcolor.

I have so many lipstick because of this awesome deal! If you are like me, what you can do is gather other people's 6 M.A.C. products for them in a small zip-log bag so they remember to!

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Your Beauty BFF,
Marina Moua