Facial gel cleanser for oily combination skin.

Hi beauty friends! Iet's talk facial gel cleanser. I am really picky when it comes to my face wash, so I shop around for the perfect face cleanser. I have oily combination skin, so I like my face to feel clean but not over dry. I love what all gel cleanser do to my face, exactly what I want it to do and not do. A new favorite of mine is the Enzyme Cleansing Gel by Mario Badescu. It's a non-foaming gel wash that washes make-up and surface debris (dirt, oil and etc.). It rejuvenates dull skin with papaya extract, an alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acid promotes exfoliation and prevents pore-clogging build up. Oily or not oily, this cleanser is for all skin type. Oh and it also has grapefruit extra which gives it light pleasant fragrance. One more thing it's so affordable! The 8oz bottle is only $12 at Nordstrom! I used to buy the Trish McEvoy's Gel Cleanser and Dermaligica's Gentle Gel Cleanser which worked fine, but priced over $50 a bottle.

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