Spring Cleaning Essentials for your Makeup Brushes

Spring Cleaning Essentials for your Makeup Brushes

It's time for spring cleaning!  Especially for your makeup brushes that is!  Whether your makeup brushes are synthetic or natural hair, you should clean them on a regular basis.  Cleaning your makeup brushes will prevent bacteria growth, which could cause break out to the skin.  Make sure to be gentle when cleaning your brushes to keep the longevity of the brush.  Investing in good quality makeup brushes will make a difference on better application and a longer life of the brush, but when you keep them clean - they last even longer!  I have a list of what you could use for daily cleansing and weekly deep cleansing along with tips on how and why you should use them.  I hope you have a great time exploring for your favorite makeup brush cleaner!  Enjoy!  

Daily Makeup Brush Cleansing:
Use a makeup brush cleaner spray for a daily brush cleansing.  This is ideal for cleaning your brushes after each use or in between deep cleaning (when using a brush shampoo).  Most of the brush cleaners are anti-bacterial to keep your brushes fresh and clean!  The alcohol-free sprays are going to be more gentle on the hair, keeping it away from getting too dry and brittle.  

How to clean with a makeup brush cleaner spray: Spray the brush cleaner on to a cloth or tissue.  Take your makeup brush and use a gentle sweeping motion in the form of an X - back and forth to clean every strand of hair, or swirl it around until the brush is clean of product.  No need for rinsing, your brush should be able to air dry in just a few minutes since it isn't completely wet.  Make sure not to pull on the hair while cleaning, it could cause the hair to loosen. 

List of makeup brush cleaner sprays: 
e.l.f. Daily Brush Cleaner, it's anti-bacterial and super affordable.  Available at www.drugstore.com.  

Trish McEvoy Makeup Brush Cleaner available at Nordstrom or www.trishmcevoy.com.  It's safe for synthetic or natural hair, and it's quick drying.  It has a great lavender scent. 

Sephora Professional Daily Brush Cleaner is anti-bacterial.  Available at Sephora.
Laura Mercier Brush Cleaner ensures that makeup is removed without drying natural or synthetic hairs.  It contains proven ingredients to help eliminate unwanted bacteria.  Tip: the cap can be used as a dipping cup for synthetic brushes, dispense a small amount into the cap and submerge the entire head of the brush into the cleanser, then rinse with water, wipe clean with a cloth or tissue.  It evaporates quickly without leaving a residue on brushes.  Available at Nordstrom or www.lauramercier.com.
The Japonesque Professional Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner is the preferred cleaning solution for gently cleaning, conditioning and disinfecting fine brush hair. This environmentally safe cleaner dissolves all types of makeup products including powder, liquids, wax based and adhesive. Available at UltaTip: this is a refill product, so take an empty spray bottle and fill it in! It also comes in a spray version.
Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray is alcohol-free, and quick drying.  It's gentle enough to be used on natural or synthetic hair.  Available at www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com or any Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Wipes:
These awesome makeup brush cleaner wipes are perfect for traveling or if you are on the go!  Easy to use and ideal for in between cleaning just like the brush cleaner spray.

How to clean with a makeup brush cleaner wipe:  Lay one sheet on a flat surface, and wipe your brush back and forth until it's clean of product.  Then use a cloth or tissue to wipe any residue off, this will also allow it to dry.  Make sure to not pull on the hair while cleaning, it could cause the hair to loosen. 

List of makeup brush cleaner wipes:

These Pro Brush Cleaner Wipes come in a pack of 12 and super convenient to use.  Available at www.allure.com.
Face Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner Wipes are available at any Sally's Beauty Supply store.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are cheap and are easy to find anywhere there is a convenient store or a drug store.   They're of course antibacterial, which is perfect for your hands and your makeup brushes! 

Weekly Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing:
For weekly deep cleaning, make sure to clean at least once a week with a makeup brush shampoo or a regular shampoo.  I like to do this at night so my brushes can dry over night so they're ready to use in the morning.  This deep cleansing will keep your brushes fresh as new, and definitely extend the life of your brush.  It helps get rid of any residue (oil or product)  that is still in your makeup brush, and clean out unwanted bacteria.  Avoid getting too much water in the ferrule, which is the metal or plastic part that holds the hair together, it might loosen the hair.

How to clean with a makeup brush shampoo:
Dispense a quarter size of the makeup brush shampoo or regular shampoo into a cup and add about one or two ounces of water.  Let your makeup brushes to soak in the cup for a few minutes.  Grab one brush at the time if you like and swirl it in your palm to clean it.  It should start to lather a little and turn different colors.  Rinse well under lukewarm water.  Gently squeeze the hair with a clean cloth or tissue to absorb the extra water.  Shake your brush to bring it back to its original shape and air dry them flat on your sink counter.  If you are only cleaning a brush or two, use your hand to cup the water and brush shampoo. 

List of makeup brush shampoos:
Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleaner is specifically designed to remove makeup and residue safely without damaging brushes.  Available at www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com or any Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter.

This gentle brush shampoo is designed to cleanse, purify and condition natural and synthetic hairs to prevent makeup buildup and extend the life of your brushes.  Available at www.trishmcevoy.com or at the Nordstrom cosmetic counter in the Mall of America.

This formula is watery, but is made to be mixed with water.  Use it the same way you would with the other makeup brush shampoo.  Available at www.maccosmetics.com or any M.A.C. cosmetics counter.

This Tea Tree Special Shampoo can be used as regular shampoo or as your makeup brushes shampoo!  Because of its antibacterial agent (tea tree), it helps clean your brushes!  It also leaves an invigorating scent of tea tree, aah!  Available at Moxie Hair Salon, Minneapolis, MN. 

Baby Shampoo is going to be your most gentle cleansing shampoo.  It will leave your makeup brushes super soft, just like a baby's hair.  Available at any drug store. 

Your face wash can be used as your makeup brush shampoo.  I like my Neutrogena Naturals - Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover.  It cleans my face and cleans my makeup brushes the same way.  Perfect combo!  Available at Target.