Beach Bum Hair Look Tutorial

Beach Bum Hair Look 

Ever wonder how Victoria Secret's supermodels, and celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson look like they just came back from the beach and have that perfect hair wave?   Well I'm going to show you how you can create a beach bum hair look by using a few products and easy steps to looking like you just came back from the beach too!  Trust me it's really easy!  This look is ideal for wavy/curly hair, but you can also create this look with straight hair.  I demonstrate how you can create waves on dry hair by using what I call a motor cycle wave technique with a straightener (or if you like to call it a flat iron, or smoothing iron).  The motor cycle wave technique can be used with any hair texture, this is when it comes in great for straight hair.  It could also be used on your second day hair, or if you want to call it one day old hair.  I also attached my YouTube video on How To Create Beach Bum Wavy Hair.  Make sure to subscribe to my beauty blog here on and to my YouTube channel!  If you would like more of an one on one lesson, make sure to visit me at Moxie Hair Salon in uptown Minneapolis, MN. 2649 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408, (612) 813-0330.  Thanks so much and ENJOY! 

How to create a Beach Bum Hair Wave:

Step 1:  This first step is useful if you have wavy/curly hair.  Right after washing my hair, I wrap my hair in a towel (the damp towel is going to be useful for the next step).  I take off the towel while my hair is still damp, then I apply a few pumps of a hair styling oil cocktailed with a styling product in a scrunching motion.  I love using the Awapuhi Wild Ginger's Styling Treatment Oil as my hair styling oil, because it will hydrate and protect my hair for any blow drying or air drying job.  It also helps fight the frizz!  I then add a few pumps of Paul Mitchell's Fast Form cream gel, which will give me hold and smoothness.  Or I use the Arrojo's Styling Whip instead to cocktail with, it has a little more hold for volume and shine. 

Left to right: Paul Mitchell's Fast Form cream gel, Awapuhi's Wild Ginger's Styling Treatment Oil, and Arrojo's Styling Whip.  All these products are available at Moxie Hair Salon.  The Arrojo products will be available in May!

Step 2:   After applying the products in my hair, I grab my damp towel and scrunch my hair with it.  The damp towel is going to absorb the extra moisture that is my hair and it pushes the product a little deeper in to my hair.  That way my hair will not take forever to dry and it will refine my waves/curls for a non-frizz look.  It is hair science!  

Step 3:  This step is optional.  I like to control my bangs by blowdrying them with an ionic brush for smoothness and shine, I like to use a flat wrap technique so they stay right in place (flat wrap technique can found in my How-To Blow Dry Your Hair in 5 Minutes blog post).  That's just me though, I like my bangs straight across and smooth.  My waves come out a lot better when I air dry.  So you can air dry your hair or diffuse it.  By the way, a diffuser is that big round device you attach to your blowdryer.  Tip: when diffusing, turn it on high heat but set it to a low setting.  It creates less frizz and dries your hair in place because it's not over blowing your hair. 

Paul Mitchell's Pro-Tool Ionic Round Medium Brush available at Moxie Hair Salon, and Cricket Friction Free Ceramic Vent Brush available at

Step 4:  Create waves in your hair when your hair is completely dry.  Use a straightener (flat iron, or smoothing iron) that is 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches to create waves in your hair.  I used a 1 1/2 inch Paul Mitchell Pro-Tool 1.5 Ion Smooth iron.  The waving technique is called a motor cycle wave.  Why it is called motor cycle waves?  Because of the arm movement you make when waving the hair, you're creating an "S" pattern.  Grab a 1 square inch section in random areas of your head and as you are moving down the section flip your iron in, and then out to create the "S" pattern.  Create a rhythm of in and out as you go down the strand of hair.

Step 5:  After waving your hair, spray a sea spray in your hair for more texture, scrunch your hair with your hands or a diffuser.  I love the Awapuhi Wild Ginger's Texturizing Sea Spray, it will give you that beachy wave texture without going to the sea!

Awapuhi Wild Ginger's Texturizing Sea Spray and Paul Mitchell's Pro-Tool 1.5 Ion Smooth iron, both available at Moxie Hair Salon.

The Beach Bum Hair Wave Finished Look:

This is me with the finished beach bum look! 

Watch my YouTube video on How-To Create Beach Bum Hair Waves!  Don't forget to subscribe and enjoy! :)