How to blow dry your hair in 5 minutes!

How to blow-dry your hair in 5 minutes!!

You will learn how to blow-dry your hair in 5 minutes using one product and two tools.

Time: 5minutes.

Product: Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt.
What it is: - it's a quick drying glaze.
- speeds up drying time.
- gives hair a lot shine.
- has a nice hold for smoothness (frizz-free) and volume.
- light in texture and fragrance.

Tools:  Paul Mitchell Ionic Blowdryer (Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Dry Travel)
- 1300 watts, so it won't blow your fuze out!
- very lightweight and quiet, travels well with you!
- Gentle on hair because it has Express Ion Complex - a blend of volcanic minerals that naturally delivers conditioning negative ions and far infrared heat for smooth shiny hair! No fried hair!

 Flat Brush (Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush)
- universal brush size for short to long hair.
- spaced out bristles for detangling and better drying.

Technique: Flat-wrap blow-out
- Make sure your blowdryer is following your brush for more control, like a truck and trailer connected together!
- Blow-drying different sections of the head from one side to the other side to ensure the roots are dry.
- when blowdrying side to side and FOWARD it gives hair more movement, meaning no harsh parting and fights cowlicks!
- if blown out BACK -away from your face or OPPOSITE direction from where your hair naturally falls,  it gives you more volume
- tames hair for smoothness.

Leafing technique
- grab hair in bigger sections and locking it with tension, brush it away from scalp in a round shape (make sure blowdryer is following your brush) to obtain
a polished round shape which is known as a bevel.

Step 1:  make sure to use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.  Start applying a nickel size of Super Sculpt in your hair right after  washing your hair.  Brush for evenly distribution.

Tip: Start applying product at the back of your head to avoid too much product in the front.

Step 2: Turn your blowdryer on to high heat and high setting if your hair is a medium to coarse texture.  If your hair is finer and fragile, turn it on medium to low heat and a lower setting.  Grab your brush and start blow drying the hair using the flat-wrap technique.  I like to start in the front, because I have cowlicks in the front and I like my bangs with no window curtains! Then I move to the back nape area, next to the sides then the top crown area.   But make sure that you start where you feel more comfortable.

Tip: tilt your head to the side or foward while blow drying. And hold the blow dryer above your head, pointing the direction away from your scalp for a more polish finish.

Step 3: I like to bevel my hair for that nice polished round shape.  I grab my hair in big sections using my flat brush, and brush it through in a round shape with the blowdryer following.


Smooth, shiny and tamed hair!