Ombré haircolor

My friend Davee posted pictures of herself and her dog Tuesday on her blog, She is showing off the haircolor I gave her, called the "ombré". Why is it called the "ombré"? It is a specific haircolor technique, called the balyage. Balyage is the French word for sweeping. I used the balyage technique, focusing a little more at the front area and the ends to give it that lived in sunkiss look. And yes, I did use foils with the balyage technique. I started with lightener, so it would lighten her hair a couple shades lighter. Then I toned it to a beautiful sunkiss color. Ombré's can be done a few different ways. Some may look a bit more blended and softer, and some may totally look like your hair has a couple inches of regrowth from a solid color. You choose the look that will fit you best. If you don't know? Ask your stylist what will look best for you, and what will be easier for upkeep. Why not enjoy a playmate with the puppy and your new do! Check her out below. Beautiful!

Don't forget to visit me for that same look or a customized color at Moxie Hair Salon in Uptown Minneapolis, (612) 813-0330.
Hope to see you all soon, enjoy the photos!

davee's secrets: tuesdays with charlie: "got off work just in time to catch the last rays of sunshine with charlie. oh & finally debuting my completed ombre c/o Nana from Moxie :) ..."


  1. I dyed my hair aqua with sky blue streaks last summer, and the aqua faded to green. I have been dying my hair red for almost the past year, and I'm sick of it. I recently wanted to go blonde, but I was blonde last summer before the blue. I really like the ombre style. My hair is about medium length and the top half of it is my natural brown and the bottom half if a reddish brown fade with a couple light green streaks peeking through. It's a disaster! But I refuse to cut my hair short again. I thought ombre would be a good idea. Would ombre be an okay choice to cover it up for awhile until my hair grows to a desirable length where I can cut the nasty ends off? If so, how much would it roughly cost at Moxie?


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